Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Atkins Diet/Thyroid Disease

I'm going to go on the Atkins Diet starting on Monday. I had used this diet years and years ago and worked so well for me. I've since had two strokes and I have ITP and Hashimoto's Thyroid. Which are both autoammuine disorder's. I've done some research on the Thyroid disorder and luckely the Atkin's diet is one that will work for us. Evidently we need low carb. due to the fact that our bodies don't process the same as other people's. I've met so many people who now have the Thyroid disorder. It's amazing everything that effects..the doctor's really don't tell you in detail the extent of that disorder. They put you on a hormone and send you out the door. I've had it for over 13 years and have had my med's adjusted up and down up and down since then. They say the lack of hormone was a factor in my strokes. Pretty scarey since I was taking the hormone pills at the time. I also suffer from Migranes and they haven't ruled that out as a factor. So they put me on Topamax. Now I'm searching for my own healing methods without the drugs. I'm down to only two a day which makes me feel great! I would love to meet other's like me...and follow progress.


Patty Fay said...

I understand - funny some dr's say my thyyroid is 'fine'; and not why my weight has more than doubled, I do have 'solid nodules' but they say that's 'nothing' the skin over my thyroid is puffy and sunburns quickly and that 'red trianlge' stands out.... Nothing I do will bring on any weightlo9ss. Not a liquid diet of 400 calories a day, or anything else...I eat about 1500 calories and workou7t steadily. I gained 140 lbs and only 5 sizes - due to how much I workoutand I'm very solid and have a nice 'larger shape'. BUT when I cut out ALL carbs, and eat eggs, lean meat,fish and chicken and ONLY those items I willdrop 2+
LBS. per DAy! The redness and swelling willk go too - I add thge carbs and the weight will mushgroom back on.,,????????????

patti said...

Hi, I am not a mom---but a single 50 year old with thyroid disease. I am starting a low carb diet this week too & was just looking for more information about losing weight (I cannot deviate one iota---sometimes I think my scale is broken because it will not move!). I know I have to increase my exercise.
Patti, San Francisco

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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